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Stop marketers from endlessly calling your cell phone!

Credo: “Republicans are pushing new legislation that would end the 20-year ban on telemarketers calling cell phones.  This would be an extremely annoying invasion of privacy.  It would also be another congressional giveaway to big corporations, since robocalls from telemarketers … Continue reading

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Lead From Old U.S. Batteries Sent to Mexico Raises Risks

The New York Times: “The spent batteries Americans turn in for recycling are increasingly being sent to Mexico, where their lead is often extracted by crude methods that are illegal in the United States, exposing plant workers and local residents … Continue reading

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Fed, European Central Bank offer aid to global financial system

CNN/Money: “The Federal Reserve, along with five other central banks, acted Wednesday to make it cheaper for banks around the world to borrow U.S. dollars.” And the People’s Bank of China, being soooo generous,announced a plan to increase liquidity by … Continue reading

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