Supreme Court refuses to reconsider campaign finance controversy

“The Supreme Court refused Monday to reconsider one of its most controversial decisions of recent years, which has had a dramatic effect on election campaigns.

In a 5-4 ruling, with the more liberal justices dissenting, the high court refused to hear arguments over whether a state can limit campaign spending by corporations.

The case focused on Montana, but its implications were widespread.

In a nutshell, the court decided that its 2010 Citizens United decision — which helped open the floodgates to massive corporate spending in elections and give birth to super PACs — trumps state laws.  And it won’t be revisited any time soon.”

“Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky praised the court’s decision Monday as “another important victory for freedom of speech.””

Source: CNN

Hurray, for Corporations United!  Er, Citizens United!

Republican MoocherBring on the bacon!

Bring on the bacon!

We’d just better hope that the Supreme Court doesn’t extend Constitutional rights to “real” American citizens if DOMA or California’s Prop 8 reaches them!

Corporations are people

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