Paul Ryan, The Path to Prosperity and the Peter Principle

“The remainder of Ryan’s 73-page masterpiece is laden with superficial facts and figures (arguably as fictional as Borges) with little or no attribution. At some point, “the theory of gravity” ceases to be a controversial subject and like gravity there has to be a clear measure of the economic nightmare the nation is in. I’m not sure Paul Ryan has the answer to that and banning common forms of birth control, eliminating a woman’s right to choose, ending funding for Planned Parenthood and voting against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is not going reduce the debt. I’m not an economist, but I’d venture to say a BA in economics from Miami or anywhere else isn’t going to drive Stiglitz out of Columbia, Krugman out of Princeton or make people forget Milton Friedman at Chicago let alone John Maynard Keynes. I’m not impugning Ryan’s integrity as a person, but if there were a prime example of someone attaining the heights of the Peter Principle, then he would be it. If you need further proof of that then the comment made by one of the greatest of all Peter Principle disciples, Dick Cheney, that he “worships the ground Paul Ryan walks on” is all one needs to hear.”

Source: Huffington Post

Republican Moocher. Mooch: to get or take without paying or at another's expense; sponge:


Great VP pick, Mitt!

Hey, kids this reminds me it’s time for…

Fun with Moocher!

Help Mitt and Paul Ryan color the USA!

Sorry, all the green crayons have been taken by Mitt and his friends!  Doesn’t red look pretty?

Gini Coefficient World CIA Report 2009

 red crayon: Made in Chinapurple crayon

Can you say, “INCOME  DISPARITY?”

Fill in the U.S. with debt to maintain our standard of living.

The Gini coefficient formula from Princeton:

Princeton Gini coefficient



GOP Math:

Deficit in Trillions + Interest = 0 Revenue + 2 Tax Cuts – 2 Spending Cuts  

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