In China, ‘cancer villages’ a reality of life

They tell us that Wuli is now a “cancer village.”

The term surfaced a few years ago, when trailblazing Chinese journalists and activists like Deng Fei unearthed evidence of unnaturally high rates of cancer across China, mostly in rural areas dominated by industry.

Deng, who was working for a Hong Kong based magazine at the time, focused on the impact of water pollution in rural China.

“Since water is so important to people, the pollution has a more significant impact on people’s health,” he says.

China is suffering from the negative impact of improper economic growth patterns. And the country will continue to pay the price for heavy pollutants in the future.”
Source: CNN

Republican Moocher. Mooch: to get or take without paying or at another's expense; sponge:

So sad.  At least they don’t have the EPA!

How’s the Wal-Mart shipment coming?



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