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More Republicans Lovin’ it!

McDonald’s is STILL trying to convince workers to accept their wages in the form of ridiculously exploitative Visa debit cards. These cards charge employees huge fees every time they want to access their own money, but they save McDonald’s a … Continue reading

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Retirement plans fall into two basic categories: defined benefit plans (DB) or defined contribution plans (DC).

A defined benefit plan, also known as the traditional pension, was once offered by many employers but is increasingly rare today in the private sector. It pays a retiree a specific benefit based on years of service and salary level … Continue reading

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Republicans & McDonalds: We’re lovin’ it!

 The real budgets of McDonald’s workers. Budget planning guide from McDonald’s for its employees, shown above, caught flak this past week for being out of touch. For starters, it didn’t account for food and gasoline. The second line on the … Continue reading

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Senate confirms consumer financial chief

“Five years after the Wall Street meltdown, the agency that protects consumers finally has a confirmed chief. On Tuesday, the Senate voted 66-34 to confirm Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The bureau was created after … Continue reading

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