“End of an Error” Bumper Stickers


Dear Ignorant, naive voter,

We all know the ObamaCare rollout was a disaster.

The Obama Administration had error after error , did we say error?, in the creation and implementation of this freedom- crushing, profit crushing, tax-raising, not to mention Small Business Health Care Tax Credits and Health Insurance Premium Tax Credits, job-killing law when outsourcing is much more effective.

President Obama has done serious damage, say it “serious”, to America through painful programs like ObamaCare. When again, cutting food stamps, veterans benefits, and energy assistance are much more effective.

That’s why we’re beginning the countdown to the day President Obama leaves office—January 20, 2017. It will truly be the “end of an error.” No more of this mixed economy stuff. It’s back to pure capitalism and if you’re not wealthy, screw you! Get a minimum wage job if you can find one and support yourself, deadbeat.

Show you’re ready for an end to President Obama’s errors—and welcome again to the fleecing of America and our unbridled greed! Get your official GOP “End of an Error” bumper sticker today.

The 2014 and 2016 elections won’t be easy due to an informed electorate but we’re doing our part by ensuring access to education is prohibitive and controlling internet neutrality—but we are ready to fight and win. And we are grateful that you are on our team. We are Darwinism at its worst!

Join with the Grand Old Plutocracy to elect Koch appointed leaders and reverse the damage that’s been done to the wealthiest of Americans by Obama.

Get your official “End of an Error” BMW, Audi, Bentley bumper sticker with your donation of $5 or $5 million to the GOP today.   bumper


Justin LoFranco

RNC Creative Director

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