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Closed By Executive Order

  Forget about the humanitarian aspect. What about my profit margins!!   All my experienced help will leave me!! Pay payroll taxes?!!  I can’t take much more of this!! CORRECTION:  If your single and didn’t come here before your 16th birthday … Continue reading

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Republicans, America and immigration reform

While people will be cheering or screaming after the President’s immigration speech this evening, we must put any personal feelings aside.  Republicans (and some Democrats too) are only caring about the financial gain; not the welfare of the country as … Continue reading

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Dumber to Dumber

Business Insider: Plutocracy Reborn Congressman, Your party focuses on spending cuts but it appears America has an income problem due to an eroding middle class. After 30 years the government can no longer afford to borrow money to fill this income gap … Continue reading

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Red Dawn 2014

That first movie sounds familiar….

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We Won! Don’t Despair

Republicans have a plan for America Whether it’s the environment…. We’ll just abolish the EPA and connect all the dots.  Or income inequality….  At first it looked a lot like the latest election map..nah. We’ll fill it in to make sure … Continue reading

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Now Dance GOP!

2014  U.S. Election Results IMPORTANT U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT NOTICE: Canada and Mexico Effective immediately the Governments of Canada and Mexico are enacting road space rationing policies. All American vehicles are permitted entry solely based on odd and even last digits of plates according … Continue reading

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