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Greenland USA Opens National Sales and Marketing Center in Heart of Downtown Los Angeles

Greenland USA. Isn’t that a pretty name for a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned real estate developer?  USA!  USA!

Real Estate Giant to Showcase Residences for Metropolis and Future Properties

Business Wire

LOS ANGELES — April 29, 2015

Greenland USA, a leading developer of residential and commercial properties, opened its first U.S. Sales and Marketing Center in Los Angeles. The Center will showcase Greenland USA’s current and future landmark properties and is today outfitted with a gallery and model residence for Metropolis (, a more than $1 billion mixed-use development set to redefine the Los Angeles streetscape, skyline and lifestyle.

Let’s not forget to thank LA taxpayers for the $39.2 million tax deal. After all, Southern California has such a depressed housing market. We needed some incentive to build studios starting at $635,000 in Los Angeles.

“Greenland USA’s strategic investments in Los Angeles and New York have anchored our presence in the U.S. As we actively seek growth opportunities across the U.S., this Sales and Marketing Center will allow us to showcase the breadth and depth of current and future projects, as well as our expertise,architectural acumen, and the quality of the our developments,” said I-Fei Chang, CEO, Greenland USA.

A new and improved Chinese twist to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s quote:

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”
The Capitalists will sell us their sovereignty with which we will hang them.”

Metropolis, Greenland USA’s first investment, is a 6.3 acre property being built on one of the last substantial parcels of undeveloped land in downtown Los Angeles. Upon completion, Metropolis will be comprised of three residential towers, a boutique hotel and a curated retail experience. With towers reaching 18- to 56-stories high, Metropolis will provide guests and residents with expansive views of the city, mountains and coastline and will set a new standard for urban living. Sitting conveniently between Los Angeles’financial district to the north and entertainment district to the south, Metropolis will connect these two districts via a pedestrian-friendly retail thoroughfare. Residential Tower 1 is already 50% pre-sold and is scheduled for completion in 2016. The full property is slated for completion in 2018.

And let’s not forget to mention the expansive views of homelessness and squalor along with complete gridlock right at our door step. After all, we’re located right next to the on and off ramps of the Harbor Freeway along a two lane street. Thank you Los Angeles Building Department. Sweet! We certainly will have pedestrian-friendly retail thoroughfare though. Driving in the area will be out of the question. Just ask our neighbors in South Park now, they’ll tell you and we haven’t even finished construction yet.

“Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a revitalization and people from all walks of life are returning to the area to work, play and live,” said Ms. Chang. “As a result, people are eager to make downtown their home and are looking to get in early on the right property that fits their lifestyle and expectations.”

Whether it’s one of our overpriced condominiums of vertical luxury or a dirty pup tent.

In addition to the spectacular views, Metropolis will feature contemporary finishes and all the modern amenities and conveniences that make urban living so desirable, including 24/7 concierge services, outdoor spaces with swimming pools, spas, cabanas, gardens, walking paths, dog parks, pet-washing stations, a children’s play area, putting green, outdoor kitchen and BBQ areas, indoor fitness centers, club rooms, screening room and residence lounges. Metropolis residences currently range in price from $600,000 to over $2,000,000.

And will have part-time minimum wage security to keep out commoners and riff-raff. (Non-union, of course). Please don’t look up any of our finishes on the EPA website.

Pacific Park Brooklyn, Greenland USA’s investment in New York will also be featured in the Sales and Marketing Center. Pacific Park Brooklyn is a $4.9 billion, 22-acre mixed use development that will be a cornerstone of the Brooklyn community, integrating family homes, store fronts for small business owners, schools, shopping, and entertainment. Pacific Park Brooklyn and Metropolis exemplify Greenland USA’s vision for developing properties that integrate seamlessly within a city and catalyze the local economy.

All while benefiting the Chinese government. From New York to LA and sea to shining sea, we love American pie! Just don’t ask Mr.Goldstein about eminent domain.  Eminent domain is so much nicer than military force.

About Metropolis

Metropolis is a more than $1 billion, 6.3 acre residential, retail and hospitality property in downtown Los Angeles. Located just two blocks from Staples Center and L.A. Live, Metropolis will span two full city blocks, and connect the financial and entertainment districts, while adding to the L.A. skyline and the vibrancy of the downtown scene. Metropolis will provide guests and residents alike with expansive views of the city, mountains and coastline, and offer a new standard for urban living. Phase I is slated for completion in Fall 2016; Phase II is slated for 2018.

In addition, the property will make a great surveillance tower for the Chinese government right in the heart of downtown LA. Just bugging you. Get it…

Since we manipulate our currency and peg it to the dollar, it’s a great investment at least  for us!

About Greenland USA

Remember: USA! USA!

Greenland USA is a leading developer of residential and commercial properties that both transform communities and exemplify modern living. Greenland USA is investing nearly $5 billion into New York’s Pacific Park Brooklyn, a 20 acre mixed-use property, and more than $1 billion in Los Angeles’ Metropolis.  Greenland USA’s strategic acquisitions exemplify its vision for developing transformative and modern properties that are amenity-rich, will catalyze the local economies and foster the growth of the surrounding communities.  Greenland USA is a subsidiary of Greenland Group, which is ranked 268th among the Fortune 500 global enterprises.

Come by and visit us at our website. Your browser might take a while to load the Chinese characters but you’ll recognize “Greenland”, that pretty name. And by the way, don’t even think of trying to get building permits in Shanghai or a tax break for your company 😉  We didn’t need a building permit in the Spratly Islands either.

Another reason we love America:

Tax laws. It’s more beneficial to leave units vacant than to lower rents.
Americans are still fooled into believing in supply and demand. Thank you Republicans.  It’s not poor people that make the tax code complicated.

Vacancy rates in South Park

South Park Vacancy Rates

Average salaries of our neighbors in South Park

 South Park incomes

Greenland USA.
We are today’s America, the 1%
Condos for the 1%

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Greenland USA Opens National Sales and Marketing Center in Heart of Downtown Los Angeles

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