Three words everyone should know: Income Gini coefficient

In a world where just 62 people own as much wealth as half the world’s population

62 people own as much wealth as half the world’s population

The words “communism” and “capitalism” are just buzzwords to stir emotions for world’s elite.
The words everyone needs to be aware of are: Income Gini coefficient

In an era of globalization, governments are mere nuisance but we’re all paying the price to the benefit of a few.

Cases in point:

“Communist” China gets richer but more unequal
with a Gini Index of 46.2

Just as “capitalist” America is the richest, and most unequal, country
with a Gini Index of 45.0

GINI index (World Bank estimate)

GINI index (World Bank estimate)

The amount of income disparity worldwide has exploded since 1980 with the United States and China being the biggest catalyst.

Income Gini coefficient
World, 1820–2005
Year World Gini index[10][28][32]
1820 0.43
1850 0.53
1870 0.56
1913 0.61
1929 0.62
1950 0.64
1960 0.64
1980 0.66
2002 0.71
2005 0.68
2015 0.915[33]

The United States and China have used debt to fill the income gap of the last 30 years to benefit a few.  Neither country can no longer afford to do so.

For an industrial country, a Gini Coefficient of .46 or greater is considered by economists to be a trigger for social unrest.

Surprise!  This brings us to 2016:

China on strike

China protestors

Sanders and Trump rallies showcase election’s anti-establishment spirit

Trump protest

And like Bernie says….

"A nation based on greed will not survive morally, economically or politically." ~Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT.)It’s good advice.

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