D-Day II, Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Ohio July 18, 2016

D-Day II,  #RepublicanNationalConvention #Cleveland, Ohio  July 18, 2016(For the young ones, D-Day was June 6, 1944 in World War II on which Allied forces invaded northern France to liberate Europe from the Nazis.  Now it’s time to liberate America.)

Throughout history when there are economic hardships it has led to extremism.

The struggling American working class is no exception.  However, we must learn from history and stop its spread in every state.

2016 US House of Represenatives

All 435 US House seats are up for election this November: http://www.270towin.com/2016-house-election/

As if the usual tax breaks for the wealthy and cuts for the poor weren’t bad enough:

 Here’s the  2016 GOP Platform:

Build “The Wall”
A 2,000-mile wall along the Mexico border

“Mexican government must assume responsibility for the cost. Trump says he will impound remittances derived from illegal wages and increase fees on some temporary visas and border crossing cards until Mexico agrees. Trump often says the cost of the wall is “a tiny fraction of the money” the United States loses to Mexico in trade deficits.”  How about protecting workers instead?

Christian Bible required reading in public schools as part of “American History.”
Akubar Republican?

Seeks to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling making same-sex marriage legal in America.
So much for no government intrusion, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Amendment endorsing anti-gay ‘conversion therapy.
Hitler’s SS Dr Carl Værnet didn’t succeed either.

Proposal calling for a complete end of governmental intervention in parenting.
This will defacto allow parents to keep their children not vaccinated, uneducated, and give them free rein to beat their offspring to their heart’s content.  Aside from stupidity, note the hypocrisy. i.e. Marriage, women’s’ rights..

Declaring pornography a “public menace” and “public health crisis”;
not mentioned are lack of healthcare, guns, or homelessness

Other proposals called for Federal land to be gifted back to the states, and that food stamps are unconstitutional.
What?? Makes as much sense as Sarah Palin.

Declares coal “an abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy resource”.
I presume they’ve never heard of black lung disease.

Emerging Republican Platform Goes Far to the Right

The Republican Party Has Released Their Platform For The 2016 Convention, And It Is INSANE

The GOP Platform Draft: The Stuff Nightmares are Made Of

The actual 2016 GOP Platform sugar coated version chopped up into sections as if it were trickle down economics:

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