It’s Imperative to be a Critical Thinker

In today’s world it’s imperative more than ever to be a critical thinker.

Read from a variety of different sources. Get different perspectives.

You can always watch C-SPAN for non-partisan political coverage. (You may want to brew a pot of strong coffee first. Pre-Trump)

The following ranking of news outlets from liberal to conservative was compiled by economists and posted on How Biased Is Your Media?: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast.  I think it seems fairly straight forward.

Here’s how 20 major media outlets rank on Groseclose and Milyo’s slant scale, with 100 representing the most liberal and zero the most conservative:

  • Washington Times     35.4
  • Fox News Spec. Rept. w/ Brit Hume    39.7
  • Newshour with Jim Lehrer     55.8
  • CNN NewsNight with Aaron Brown   56.0
  • ABC Good Morning America   56.1
  • ABC World News Tonight   61.0
  • Drudge Report     60.4
  • NBC Nightly News     61.6
  • USA Today    63.4
  • Newsweek    66.3
  • NBC Today Show     64.0
  • Time Magazine     65.4
  • U.S. News and World Report     65.8
  • Washington Post   66.6
  • NPR Morning Edition     66.3
  • CBS Early Show   66.6
  • Los Angeles Times     70.0
  • New York Times     73.7
  • CBS Evening News  73.7
  • Wall Street Journal     85.1

Ideological Placement of Each News Source's Audience

Also check out:  AllSides News Source Bias Ratings

And here’s a chart of some well-known Congressmembers’ “Political Quotients,” based on their voting records. Again, 100 represents the most liberal, zero is the most conservative. (In the episode, you’ll hear where Levitt, Groseclose, and I rank on this “PQ” scale. You can take a quiz to find out your own PQ here.)

Newt Gingrich had been considered in the running for a position in a Trump White House.Newt Gingrich

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