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Trump Tarps

Attention: Former Middle Class Courtesy of the Republican Party, Get your Trump Tarps now! before they’re eliminated too!  

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Neo-Feudalism 2017 is 1789 France on steroids In 2016, 62 people owned half of the world’s wealth Today, 8 people own half of the world’s wealth, there are no geo-political boundaries; just political puppets and distractions. Wealth is not infinite. … Continue reading

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Support the Free Press & the White House Correspondence Association (WHCA)

Have “Dinner With Trump” Saturday, April 29, 2017 Bring something that represents Trump or his Administration to a restaurant near you and say, “Trump party of 1, 2 ,3..” We don’t want Trump to feel missed. (Unlike #Trump, please be respectful … Continue reading

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2016 US Federal Tax Return: Illegal Immigrant Taxpayer PAID $3,083 vs Donald J. Trump PAID $0

Please Remember This On Tax Day If not, we only have ourselves to blame.  I don’t know what is worse; being #racist, ignorant, or stupid but you’re dragging down the country with you. I just prepared a #tax return for … Continue reading

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Internet Censored by Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Trump’s FCC may try to roll back net neutrality. Here’s why that matters Say No to Fascism!

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It’s Imperative to be a Critical Thinker

In today’s world it’s imperative more than ever to be a critical thinker. Read from a variety of different sources. Get different perspectives. You can always watch C-SPAN for non-partisan political coverage. (You may want to brew a pot of … Continue reading

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