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Privatize America!

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Methane Releases From Arctic Shelf May Be Much Larger and Faster Than Anticipated

Thawing by climate change of subsea layer of permafrost may release stores of underlying, seabed methane. Methane is leaking from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf into the atmosphere at an alarming rate. A section of the Arctic Ocean seafloor that … Continue reading

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Red Dawn 2014

That first movie sounds familiar….

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We Won! Don’t Despair

Republicans have a plan for America Whether it’s the environment…. We’ll just abolish the EPA and connect all the dots.  Or income inequality….  At first it looked a lot like the latest election map..nah. We’ll fill it in to make sure … Continue reading

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Now Dance GOP!

2014  U.S. Election Results IMPORTANT U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT NOTICE: Canada and Mexico Effective immediately the Governments of Canada and Mexico are enacting road space rationing policies. All American vehicles are permitted entry solely based on odd and even last digits of plates according … Continue reading

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Instead of “Try a little harder. Eat a little less.”

If Republicans gain control of the Senate I can hear it now, Instead of “Try a little harder.  Eat a little less.”  After all, it’s about money not food.  Nothing personal unless you’re hungry. United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, … Continue reading

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