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Protesting Against Internet ‘Slow Lanes’

Your Favorite Websites Are Protesting Against Internet ‘Slow Lanes’ Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Source: Time C’mon! I don’t want to see any more Rupert Murdoch outlets!

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Industry group : IRS lost email story ‘makes no sense,’ records should have been kept

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Ruddy to ‘Morning Joe’: Newsmax Ready For Major TV Launch

“Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy was featured on MSNBC’s popular “Morning Joe” program on Wednesday morning to discuss the rollout plans for his company’s upcoming 24/7 TV news network.” Source: Newsmax

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Study: Welfare pays more than minimum wage in most states

On the same day as the GOP proposes to slash billions from food stamps; not a word is mentioned at Fox News aside from welfare pays more than minimum wage in most states. Welfare pays more than a minimum-wage job … Continue reading

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CBS Calls Out Republicans For Debunked Benghazi Emails

Just more than a day after the White House released 100 pages of emails relating to September’s terrorist attack in Benghazi, it’s clear that Republican-leaked emails portraying bombshell revelations about the White House’s involvement are misleading. CBS’ Major Garrett called out … Continue reading

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Fox News – Can They Get Any Dumber? Yes, they can…

“Have you seen this bit of mind-numbing drivel from Fox and Friends yet? Some idiot thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring on a 4-year old girl and her 7-year old sister to make the case that President … Continue reading

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