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Proof science is biased!

Another example how liberals and “those people” are pushing their agenda. Coincidence?  I think NOT!!

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Stop Nestlé and the Gay Agenda!

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Republican candidates stance on rape

Um, um.. Get back in the kitchen before those gays do! Er, I reiterate. My party does not believe the governemnt should intrude upon our civil liberties unless your a woman or gay.

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U.N. council passes gay rights resolution

“In what the U.S. State Department is calling a “historic step,” the U.N. Human Rights Council passed a resolution Friday supporting equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation. The resolution, introduced by South Africa, is the first-ever U.N. resolution … Continue reading

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2011 Republican Budget Bill

House Republicans have passed a scorched-earth “budget” bill that puts your Medicare on the chopping block. This bill is fraud on the American people—not a starting point for debate or negotiations. It uses hardly any money from raiding your future … Continue reading

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