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House sends Obamacare repeal bill to White House

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That Cheap Stuff You Just Bought At Walmart? Turns Out It Cost $6,000 More Than You Thought

According to a Congressional study, $6,000 is the average amount taxpayers are being dinged per employee. Walmart’s wages and benefits are so low, it forces workers to go on Medicaid and receive housing assistance, childcare subsidies, food stamps, and more. … Continue reading

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Millions more could join Medicaid as Republican governors cave in

“Despite their initial, vehement protests, a growing number of Republican governors are giving their blessing to expanding Medicaid in their states. That opens the door for millions of poor Americans to enroll in government health care coverage, beginning in 2014. … Continue reading

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By the numbers: Health insurance

“$143 billion — The amount by which the plan could reduce the deficit over the first 10 years. And over the following decade, the CBO projected, health reform could reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion, although the agency … Continue reading

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Don’t cut Medicaid, fund it better

What?!!  That’s insane! “You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about our budget crisis. We’ve also been told, over and over, that  it’s a problem with spending — we’re doing too much of it. There’s truth in … Continue reading

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