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Self-Defense Insurance. Come and get it!

That’s funny! But seriously folks,  you need to buy some self-defense insurance.  It’s a win – win situation.  I’ll just but more stock in the insurance company!  Arizona, Alaska, Texas, and Florida you’re premiums might be higher but it’s a … Continue reading

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Fun with Moocher!

Hey, kids! Where do you think my income comes from? Stock A, B,or C or YOURS? Things sure got better after the mid-term elections didn’t they? Wanna buy some COBRA insurance? 

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Don’t cut Medicaid, fund it better

What?!!  That’s insane! “You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about our budget crisis. We’ve also been told, over and over, that  it’s a problem with spending — we’re doing too much of it. There’s truth in … Continue reading

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