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Jobs: GOP vs Dems

Chuck full of specifics. No generalities here! An addendum:  “Tax cut”, “Tax cut”, and “Tax cut.” Plus “eliminate job crushing regulations”, ”job crushing regulations” and more “job CRUSHING regulations”. We can take trickle down economics to a new level! http://www.gop.gov/jobs/ Unlike … Continue reading

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“And when the magic Tax Cut wand touched the Rich King, all the peasants suddenly had jobs!…”

Hey! That’s not funny! Americans have been falling for it since Reagan. Things have really trickled since then and defied gravity! Source: The New York Times That’s a bunch of scribble! Who cares? Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorites … Continue reading

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Get a job. Get a job.

No. No. What our dear old colleague, Bill Young, meant was, “Tax cut.  Get a tax cut.” If you say something enough times voters will usually fall for it.  Isn’t ignorance great!

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Jobs Study Is Too Late for Debate on Trade

“As a divided Congress moves closer to a decision on three big international trade pacts, the Labor Department is four years late in delivering a study that is supposed to measure the efficacy of a program to provide extra benefits … Continue reading

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Supreme Court rules for Wal-Mart in massive job discrimination lawsuit. Source: CNN Yes!  Bought to you by the same Court that partially upended the rules that govern the financing of the nation’s political campaigns. “The new ruling blurs the lines … Continue reading

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National Infrastructure Bank

First, came the blogs from the White House about a national infrastructure bank. “Investing in Infrastructure to Build Up Middle-Class Jobs and Long-Term Growth“ “Win the Future With a 21st Century Infrastructure“ And now comments from that Zakaria guy on … Continue reading

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