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Day One of 114th United States Congress

January 6, 2015 Republicans refreshed from cutting pensions to rolling back Wall Street reforms or otherwise shutting down the government by including provisions into the 2015 federal spending bill, welcome:   Day One of the 114th United States Congress 113th ← … Continue reading

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Retirement plans fall into two basic categories: defined benefit plans (DB) or defined contribution plans (DC).

A defined benefit plan, also known as the traditional pension, was once offered by many employers but is increasingly rare today in the private sector. It pays a retiree a specific benefit based on years of service and salary level … Continue reading

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Chained CPI and Social Security

Republicans, some Democrats, and President Obama are pushing a backdoor way to make substantial cuts in Social Security and benefits for disabled veterans — a concept called chained consumer price index, or “chained CPI.” Incredibly, they are arguing that the … Continue reading

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Seniors would see smaller Social Security checks under Obama budget

Senior citizens would see their Social Security checks shrink under President Obama’s latest budget proposal. The budget plan, being released Wednesday, calls for changing the way the annual cost of living adjustments for Social Security and other federal programs are … Continue reading

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